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3D Systems Voted Global Digital Manufacturing Leader

Press Release - Design World Readers Choose 3D Systems Second Year in a Row

3D Systems Corporation announced that it was voted the “Leader in Digital Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping” for the second year in a row by the readers of Design World Magazine in a global competition.  

Press Release: click here for full article.

SLS Sample – Gear Cube


 SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)


 It has come to our attention that a few cubes sent out after christmas will have a missing part.  If you are missing the center part – please email requesting your missing section.  

Apologise if this has caused unnecessary stress.

 SLS Gear Cube

This clever gear cube was produced on 3D Systems sPro 60 SLS machine using DuraForm ® PA Plastic material.  The cube is assembled from 8 pieces using 8 small pegs and is quite challenging for many of us!

Cube assembly instructions:

- Start with the center part (see image below) and build your cube around this.

- Push small pegs into holes located on the small surface of the center part (make sure the pegs are pushed into the center part as far as it can go)

- Push large pegs into holdes located on the large surface of the center part

- Attach small gears onto the small pegs

- Attach large gears onto the large pegs


-  Twist the corners to allow the gears to move.  First few turns will be stiff, the more turns the more freely it will move.



What is DuraForm ® PA ?

It is a durable engineering plastic ideal for -  

  • Prototypes that require good durability and strength
  • Low to mid volume direct manufacturing of end-use parts
  • Medical parts that require USP Class VI compliance or must be sterilized
  • Complex, thin-walled ducts
  • Aircraft and motorsports parts
  • Enclosures and housings
  • Parts with snap-fits and living hinges
  • Automotive dashboards, grilles and bumpers

CLICK HERE.. Movie SLS 3D printed cube to see how the cube works after it is assembled.  



3D Systems Brings New RapMan™ To Market

Press Release - Popular 3D Printer Kit Gets Next-Gen Makeover

3D Systems Corporation announced the release of its next-gen RapMan™ 3.2 3D printer kit from Bits from Bytes™.  The  RapMan™ 3.2 is packed with new features that make it easier to own and operate, including intuitive touchscreen interface and USB file storage.

Press Release: RapMan™ 3.2

iPhone cases launched at 270+ Apple Stores

 FOC custom iPhone case giveaway

3D Systems, Freedom of Creation (FOC) recently collaberated with Freshfiber in developing and commercializing countless 3D printed products for the consumer electronics market.  At first mainly focusing on smart phones from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry

Due to the success of the cases in several high-end retail stores worldwide, Apple has now decided to launch the products at all Apple retail stores across USA and Canada. This marks a great milestone for them pushing 3D printed designs into the mainstream retail.

In November FOC announced a give away of a custom iPhone case for the 3 best text slogans for an iphone case.  Click here to see the results…

NY Times: The wow factor of 3D Printing



Earlier this year the New York Times published this interesting article about 3D printing.

“3D printers are the best thing to come out of the labs in a long time because they allow for the manipulation of reality instead of virtual space…”   

click here to read the full story about the wow factor of 3D Printing.