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Big Future for 3D Printers


The big future for 3D Printers will probably include kids like Riley Lewis and Vernon Bussler (right and left, respectively, in the accompanying photo).

Riley and Vernon are eighth graders who are right into the world of 3D design and print.

Check out this article that gives you an idea of what the future of 3D Printing may be.

NY Times: The wow factor of 3D Printing



Earlier this year the New York Times published this interesting article about 3D printing.

“3D printers are the best thing to come out of the labs in a long time because they allow for the manipulation of reality instead of virtual space…”   

click here to read the full story about the wow factor of 3D Printing.

Euromold 2011 – 3D Systems “Experience in 3D”

3D Systems celebrates its commitment to democratise access to affordable 3D content-to- print solutions at Euromold 2011 this week.  The display “Experience in 3D” demonstrates how you can scan your face, then 3D print it into a miniature model  ….how amazing!.  It won’t be long before families are buying 3D printers for Xmas to personalise and print toys, gifts, furnishings, objects etc… 

                         Click on this image to view the video…

Freedom Of Creation is well known for their 3D printed products they created over the past 10 years. This year at Euromold they showcased a whole range of new products in a retail environment, all ready to be launched instantly. click here to have a look at the creation of their Concept Store at Euromold 2011.


Design News 3D Printing Webcast

Make sure you check out 3D Systems Buddy Byrum, Senior Director – 3D Printing Global Marketing, in the Design News webcast “Inexpensive 3D Printers: Rapid Prototyping for Everyone.”  The presentation includes a roundtable of experts discussing why design engineers should be including 3D printers in their design process to validate early concepts, avoid expensive manufacturing errors, and get quality products to market quickly.  Click here from now through December 16, 2011 to register for the webcast.

3D Printing: What You Need to Know

For many people, 3D printing is thought to be a new type of document or photo copying printer.  Adding to this confusion is that 3D printers are now reducing in size and cost, often bearing a resemblance to today’s office photocopier.   

To put it simply, digital files are first created using a CAD (computer aided design) program or 3D scanner to build physical objects on a 3D printer.  The files are uploaded to a 3D printer in which material (plastic, metal or other) is laid down layer by layer, to form a 3-dimensional object, this is the manufacturing process.  Continue reading…