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3D Printing park benches of a different kind!


Here is some innovative research being done with 3D printing technology at U. Cal Berkeley.  Prof. Ronald Rael has developed a new process that enables the printing of production-ready building components. Following is his guest blog.

Printing innovative, one-of-a-kind building components that are generated quickly and economically to produce large scale -objects, is the current research of Ronald Rael, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley and founding partner of Rael San Fratello Architects. They have developed a cement-based simulant and a new process that, for the first time, employs conventional rapid prototyping hardware to create strong and durable building components that cost far less than conventional 3d printing materials—up to 90% less than comparable printing materials.

The material can also reach strengths of up to 4,700psi in compression, which is a similar strength of concrete. This advancement in material output from digital modeling software ushers in a new era in building materials, and a new synthesis of design and production.


The SeatSlug, a biomorphic interpretation of a bench, demonstrates how this new digital output generates end-product structural building components directly from 3D CAD software.  It is constructed of 230 unique rapid-manufactured components.

New SLA Material, looks like an injection moulded part!

3D printed SLA model


I must admit when I first saw the Accura Xtreme Plastic material, I didn’t realise it was built on an SLA machine.  I actually thought it was an injection moulded part.  It wasn’t until closer inspection, because it hadn’t been polished, that I could see the build lines.

It feels nice in your hands and it’s very strong, I recommend it for assemblies, fit and form and functional tests.  It has a grey appearance – very similar to paint primer grey. 

If you would like to see a sample, contact our sales team


Printing a Bike using SLS Technology

EADS, the European aerospace and defense group, has unveiled the world’s first bike “grown” from powder, allowing complete sections to be built as one piece.

Known as the “Airbike,” it is made of nylon but strong enough to replace steel and requires no conventional maintenance or assembly. It can be tailoured made by modifiying the 3D CAD file and manufactured in days.