3D Printing Almost mainstream


Computerworld —  Professional solid modeling tools such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks and 3-D printer kits costing less than $1,500 are making 3-D printing cost-effective and time-saving, says Computerworld in a comprehensive overview.

Richard Smith used a consumer-grade 3D “plastic jet printer” (The RapMan) and a computer-aided design…

3D Systems Completes The Acquisition of Z Corp


Announced on the 3rd January 2012 3D Systems has completed the acquisition of Z Corporation and Vidar Systems.

The acquisition integrates Z Corp and Vidar products and services with 3D Systems’ extensive portfolio, uniquely positioning 3D Systems for accelerated growth in the dynamic, rapidly expanding 3D content-to-print space.

“This is a historic, game changing event for our customers and stockholders.  Today we gained full colour and high speed 3D printing technology, increased our marketplace presence significantly in verticles beyond product development and direct manufacturing, assembled the largest and most-well prepared reseller channel in 3D printing, and catalyzed our healthcare solutions business”, said Abe Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems.


3D Systems Brings New RapMan™ To Market

Press Release - Popular 3D Printer Kit Gets Next-Gen Makeover

3D Systems Corporation announced the release of its next-gen RapMan™ 3.2 3D printer kit from Bits from Bytes™.  The  RapMan™ 3.2 is packed with new features that make it easier to own and operate, including intuitive touchscreen interface and USB file storage.

Press Release: RapMan™ 3.2

iPhone cases launched at 270+ Apple Stores

 FOC custom iPhone case giveaway

3D Systems, Freedom of Creation (FOC) recently collaberated with Freshfiber in developing and commercializing countless 3D printed products for the consumer electronics market.  At first mainly focusing on smart phones from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry

Due to the success of the cases in several high-end retail stores worldwide, Apple has now decided to launch the products at all Apple retail stores across USA and Canada. This marks a great milestone for them pushing 3D printed designs into the mainstream retail.

In November FOC announced a give away of a custom iPhone case for the 3 best text slogans for an iphone case.  Click here to see the results…

Euromold 2011 – 3D Systems “Experience in 3D”

3D Systems celebrates its commitment to democratise access to affordable 3D content-to- print solutions at Euromold 2011 this week.  The display “Experience in 3D” demonstrates how you can scan your face, then 3D print it into a miniature model  ….how amazing!.  It won’t be long before families are buying 3D printers for Xmas to personalise and print toys, gifts, furnishings, objects etc… 

                         Click on this image to view the video…

Freedom Of Creation is well known for their 3D printed products they created over the past 10 years. This year at Euromold they showcased a whole range of new products in a retail environment, all ready to be launched instantly. click here to have a look at the creation of their Concept Store at Euromold 2011.


3D Systems Delivers Affordable New Desktop Printer

Press Release - New ProJet™ 1000 Makes High-Resolution Accessible To Professionals and Students Alike

3D Systems Asia-Pacific announced the immediate availability of its new ProJet™ 1000 personal 3D printer. The new low cost 3D printer makes high-resolution, durable plastic  parts accessible and affordable to educators, students and professionals alike.
Press Release – ProJet 1000 printer

New Wax Printers

Major expansion of 3D Systems Asia-Pacific facility in Hawthorn is nearly complete.  We are currently implementing several new machines including ProJet printer machines.  The expansion will boost our capacity and broaden our material range, this includes making wax patterns for casting.  See below link for more info on casting: 



Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year Event

This weekend was the final awards ceremony for the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year, a program that celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011. As the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs we were honored when Abe Reichental and Chuck Hull took top honors as the regional winners for the Carolina’s over the summer.  After being named one of the top 40 finalists across the nation.

Fashionable prosthesis manufactured in SLS technology

Scott Summit and Chris Campbell of Bespoke Innovations create prosthesis that allow for individual expression, while delivering essential functionality for the wearer. 

Current mass-produced prosthesis are harsh in context to the human form, Summit says “I saw an opportunity to use design and technology tools to not only return symmetry and individuality to the body of an amputee, but also to offer design, personality and uniqueness”.  Due to the individualised nature of using additive manufacture (3d printing) technology, the fairings that are created alter a person’s life from the moment  they begin wearing them in ways that a mass-produced item cannot.

The parts are 3D printed using selective laser sintering, which fabricates in Polyamide 6 and 12 (Nylon).  “We prefer this material, since it’s strong, accurate, lightweight and even dishwasher safe.  And it’s about the greenest way to create a product, since there is little energy used in fabrication, and generates almost no waste.”