3D Printing park benches of a different kind!


Here is some innovative research being done with 3D printing technology at U. Cal Berkeley.  Prof. Ronald Rael has developed a new process that enables the printing of production-ready building components. Following is his guest blog.

Printing innovative, one-of-a-kind building components that are generated quickly and economically to produce large scale -objects, is the current research of Ronald Rael, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley and founding partner of Rael San Fratello Architects. They have developed a cement-based simulant and a new process that, for the first time, employs conventional rapid prototyping hardware to create strong and durable building components that cost far less than conventional 3d printing materials—up to 90% less than comparable printing materials.

The material can also reach strengths of up to 4,700psi in compression, which is a similar strength of concrete. This advancement in material output from digital modeling software ushers in a new era in building materials, and a new synthesis of design and production.


The SeatSlug, a biomorphic interpretation of a bench, demonstrates how this new digital output generates end-product structural building components directly from 3D CAD software.  It is constructed of 230 unique rapid-manufactured components.