Fashionable prosthesis manufactured in SLS technology

Scott Summit and Chris Campbell of Bespoke Innovations create prosthesis that allow for individual expression, while delivering essential functionality for the wearer. 

Current mass-produced prosthesis are harsh in context to the human form, Summit says “I saw an opportunity to use design and technology tools to not only return symmetry and individuality to the body of an amputee, but also to offer design, personality and uniqueness”.  Due to the individualised nature of using additive manufacture (3d printing) technology, the fairings that are created alter a person’s life from the moment  they begin wearing them in ways that a mass-produced item cannot.

The parts are 3D printed using selective laser sintering, which fabricates in Polyamide 6 and 12 (Nylon).  “We prefer this material, since it’s strong, accurate, lightweight and even dishwasher safe.  And it’s about the greenest way to create a product, since there is little energy used in fabrication, and generates almost no waste.”