3D Printed Orthotics

At Formero, we specialise in providing podiatrists with advanced selective laser sintering (SLS) printing and post-processing services for the production of high-quality orthotics. Our advanced 3D printing technology and expertise in materials selection and post-processing ensure that the orthotics we produce meet the highest standards of performance, longevity, and finish, offering podiatrists a reliable solution for their patients’ orthotic needs.

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Why choose SLS for Orthotics?

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a layer-by-layer additive 3D printing process using powdered nylon. This material is sintered in slices by a high-powered laser to form functional end-use parts. This process allows for the creation of complex geometries and intricate designs that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing methods.

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Benefits of SLS Printing for Orthotics

SLS printing offers several benefits that make it an excellent choice for custom orthotic manufacturing, including:

  • Customisation: The orthotics are completely personalised to the patient’s specific needs, providing superior support and comfort
  • Durability: SLS-printed orthotics are made from high-quality thermoplastic materials that are strong and durable, ensuring that they are long lasting
  • Cost-effectiveness: SLS printing allows for the production of small batches of orthotics at a relatively low cost, making it an affordable option for podiatrists and their patients
  • Fast turnaround: With two SLS printers based in Melbourne, we are able to produce custom orthotics quickly, reducing lead times and providing a faster return to activity for patients

Post-Processing and why it’s important

At Formero, we understand that a high-quality finish is crucial for orthotics. Our skilled technicians perform meticulous post-processing to ensure that the printed orthotics are perfect every time. Our Melbourne based team provide the following services, so you don’t have to:

  • Cleaning: We carefully clean and remove excess powder from the printed orthotics, resulting in a smooth surface finish
  • Dying: Our part-dying services ensure vibrant and long-lasting colours, adding extra customisation to the orthotics we produce

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Why Choose Formero for Your Custom Orthotics?

At Formero, we specialise in providing custom orthotics that meet the unique needs of podiatrists and their patients. Our advanced SLS printing technology, combined with our skilled technicians, enables us to produce orthotics that are not only precise but also durable and lightweight. We pride ourselves on providing fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service, ensuring that our clients receive the orthotics they need when they need them. Contact us today to learn more about our custom orthotic manufacturing services.

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