3D Scanning

Engineering, Restoration & Measurement using 3D Scanning

Using state-of-the-art laser scanners, we rapidly capture digital records of real objects, parts, people (cyber scanning), buildings, plant and equipment to create accurate 3D computer models.

With portable 3D scanners, we can come to you or you can bring your objects to us. We are able to accommodate objects up to 10m x 4m and weight up to 2 tonnes.

Our experienced staff will match the right scanner to your needs for scale, speed, accuracy, resolution, colour, detail and file type required.

Fast & Thorough

3D laser scanning can record up to tens of thousands of data points per second. Scans can be completed within hours or days depending on the scale of the job.


High level of accuracy helps ensure that measurements are correct the first time so that less work is needed to complete subsequent steps in design and production stage.


3D laser scanning is an optical-based technology. This is ideal when measuring small, intricate, or fragile features that may be distorted or damaged when touched.


Less time & labour being spent during the measurement acquisition and design iteration steps.


Measurements can be recorded from up to several hundred meters away, therefore keeping operators safe when the survey area is dangerous.

Our 3D Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning

We are able to provide a wide range of file types that will be fit for purpose to suit your specific needs and workflow. We are experienced in scanning actors, archaeological sites, artefacts, artworks, body parts, buildings, consumer products, machinery and tools, mines, boats, aircraft, vehicles and their components, and more. Our GPS-coordinated, vehicle-mounted lidar scanner is used for construction, road or rail projects, as well as movie sets and locations.

3D scanning is far more efficient and effective than traditional approaches to 3D recording, design and inspection. Our advanced technology and skilled operators will save you time and money and deliver a superior result.


Photogrammetry is the process of obtaining 3D models from thousands of photographs in a controlled environment to create a high-resolution colour 3D model.

A hybrid approach using 3D laser scanning combined with photogrammetry is an ideal technique to create accurate, detailed geometry and high-resolution colour 3D computer models.

Photogrammetry is widely used within the film and entertainment industry for animation and visual effects, as well as the cultural heritage and archaeological industries to create realistic digital records. Additionally, defence, mining and the construction industries use accurate digital twins for training using virtual and augmented reality.

3D Modelling

We use the data from our scanners to rebuild the precise geometry of the scanned object in a 3D digital model.

Our digital models can be used by a wide range of professionals to design, modify, animate, and manufacture in a number of industries.

3D printing, CNC machining and other traditional manufacturing techniques can produce parts in a wide range of materials, including wood, foam, rubber, stone, plastic or metals

  • Custom digital files – Digital files are created with the client in mind and fit for purpose. CAD models can be delivered in a range of industry-standard formats (e.g. STL, IGES and STEP). These files can be viewed and manipulated in a range of software programs including Inventor, Solidworks, Catia and Maya. If you’re unsure what file type you need please contact our team for more information.
  • Reverse engineering – Reverse Engineering using 3D laser scanning is when a part or object is measured and then a CAD model and/or 2D drawing is generated to reflect how that part was to be designed originally. Not only is it efficient it is a highly accurate way of measuring simple or complex shapes but also greatly reduces product development costs and time frames. Reverse Engineering or Re-Engineering is often used when legacy parts, products or equipment are no longer manufactured. Existing parts can be scanned, improved and remanufactured to replace worn or broken parts. A good example of this is vintage car parts.

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