ColourJet Printing (CJP)

3D Print in colour of landscape

CJP – ColourJet Printing

An innovative 3D Printing process that produces full-colour, high-resolution models with exceptional accuracy. CJP is ideal for a wide range of applications, including colour engineering prototypes, product design validation, architectural models and detailed anatomical replicas. With CJP 3D Printing, Formero allows customers to visualise their concepts vividly and tangibly.

How does ColourJet Printing work?

Step 1: Layer-by-Layer Build
We begin by spreading the core material in thin layers over the build platform, meticulously controlled by a specialised roller. This forms the foundation of the 3D model, ensuring accuracy and structural integrity.

Step 2: Selective Colour Binding
Once a layer is in place, our state-of-the-art inkjet print heads selectively jet colour binders onto the core material. The interaction of the binders with the core causes it to solidify instantly, capturing the vivid colours and intricate details of your design.

Step 3: Building the Model
As each layer solidifies, the build platform gradually lowers, enabling the subsequent layers to be precisely spread and printed. This gradual process ensures that your final 3D model comes to life with astonishing realism, vivid colours, and exceptional clarity.

3D Printed Colour Model of apartment buildings

Full Colour 3D Printed objects character, Electrical Plug and Heat Map Part

Why choose ColourJet Printing?

True Full-Colour Capability:
Unlike traditional 3D printing methods, ColourJet Printing offers true full-colour capabilities. Your designs will be brought to life in vibrant colours, making them ideal for presentations, architectural models, product prototypes, and more.

High Precision and Fine Detail Imagery:
CJP excels at capturing intricate details and complex colour combinations, ensuring that every aspect of your design is accurately represented in the final product.

Application Versatility:
Our CJP 3D Print Service supports a wide range of applications and industry needs. Whether you require a colour engineering prototype or a visually stunning architectural model, CJP has you covered.

Quick Turnaround Times:
We understand the importance of timely delivery. With our efficient CJP process and expert team, you can expect fast turnaround times without compromising on quality.


  • Concept modelling
    • Communication, sales & marketing models
    • Rapid design iteration
    • Display/Art models
  • Simulation models
    • Surgery practice
    • FEA analysis
    • Assemblies visualisation
    • Ergonomics
  • Colour and texture validation


  • Professional quality full CMYK colour 3D printing
  • Fast print speed
  • Choose from a range of part finishing options to meet your application requirements

Download: CJP VisiJet PXL Material Datasheet

Industrial Sized 3D Printer


Technical Specs

Tensile Strength: 14.2 MPa
Elongation at Break: 0.23%
Flexural Strength: 31.1 MPa
Colour: Full CMYK
Build Size (WxDxH): 254x381x203 mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Colour Jet Printing (CJP) excels in crafting realistic visual models and prototypes, replete with fine details and authentic, true-to-life colours. This technology proves especially valuable for generating architectural models, consumer products, and projects with artistic implications.

Colour Jet Printing (CJP) predominantly utilises gypsum-based powder materials recognized for their proficiency in capturing colours and fine details with precision. These materials are particularly suitable for fabricating models that demand vivid and vibrant colouring.

While Colour Jet Printing (CJP) is primarily tailored for crafting visually captivating models, it can also generate functional prototypes, especially when the emphasis is on maintaining colour accuracy and aesthetics.

Colour Jet Printing (CJP) serves a variety of industries including architecture, product design, entertainment, and education. It’s particularly valuable for producing lifelike visual aids, marketing materials, and prototypes that require intricate designs to be showcased in vibrant full colour.

Indeed, Colour Jet Printing (CJP) materials tend to possess greater brittleness when compared with certain other 3D printing materials. While they stand out in terms of colour precision and visual allure, they can’t match the mechanical attributes of functional prototypes fabricated through alternate methods.

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