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At Formero, we specialise in assisting product development teams at every stage of their journey. Whether you’re in the initial phases of evaluating a prototype, preparing for an early product release or wanting to keep your production runs small and cost-effective, our services are designed to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. We offer the unique capability to produce prototype or low volume production parts in true production materials, ensuring that you can assess the functional and aesthetic qualities of your product before full-scale production. This approach not only accelerates the development process but also provides a reliable alternative for market testing and early releases.

Parts Only Rapid Injection Moulding Plastic Component

Parts Only Rapid Injection Moulding Plastic Component

Introducing the Parts Only Service

Our Parts Only service is designed for businesses seeking a cost-effective and quick solution for prototype, pre-production, and low volume production applications. With an average lead time of just 2 to 3 weeks, this service ensures that your parts are delivered promptly, allowing you to keep your project timelines on track.

Key Features of the Parts Only Service:

  • Fast Turnaround: Parts are delivered within 2-3 weeks typical.
  • Cost-Effective: No capital tooling outlay; insert manufacture amortized over first production run.
  • Flexible Quantities: Ideal for production runs ranging from 20 to 1,000 shots.
  • True Production Materials: Utilise a wide variety of Polymers, TPE’s and Silicone materials and colours.
  • Surface Finishes: Choose from a broad range of surface finishes and textures.
  • Additional Services: Options include painting, pad-printing, chroming, over-moulding, and insert-moulding.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Production

Our Parts Only service leverages pre-existing mould bases and precision steel tool inserts tailored to your CAD drawings. This approach significantly reduces costs while maintaining high-quality standards, making it an ideal choice for small to medium production runs. Depending on the design and usage, the service can handle production runs up to 5,000 shots, providing flexibility to scale as needed.

How It Works:

  1. Submit Your CAD Drawings: Start by sending us your detailed CAD files.
  2. Quotation and Project Management: Upon receiving your CAD drawings, our Melbourne-based team will review your project and provide a comprehensive quote. We will also handle all communications and coordination with our manufacturing facilities to ensure your project runs smoothly.
  3. Tooling Preparation: We use our library of mould bases and create custom steel tool inserts based on your specifications.
  4. Production and Delivery: Our efficient process ensures quick production and timely delivery of your parts.

Parts Only Rapid Injection Moulding Plastic Component

The Finer Details

Suitability Prototype | Pre-production | Low volume Production
Part Size Up to 400mm x 300mm x 200mm
Lead Time 2 – 3 weeks typical
Moulding Type Injection | Compression | Over-mould
Shot Life Up to 5,000
Minimum Order Quantities Flexible (20 to 1,000)
Design Analysis Parting Line Position | Gate Position | Ejector Pin Position
Surface Finishes Smooth | Polished | Textured
Tooling Cost Amortized over initial production
Part Materials Wide variety of Polymers, TPE’s & Silicones
Additional Services Painting | Pad Printing | Plating | Threaded Inserts | Packaging
Insert Storage Inserts disposed after 1 year of zero use.
Payment Terms Invoiced on shipment of parts (account holders).
50% deposit with balance prior to shipment (non-account holders).
Additional Engineering changes possible | Potential additional charges for re-insertion after long periods of no use.

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