Advanced Prototype Packaging Solutions

We specialise in providing advanced prototype packaging solutions utilising advanced SLA resin printing and CNC machining technologies. Our services offer a wide range of material options to bring your packaging designs to life, ensuring exceptional accuracy, clarity, and functionality. Whether you need to validate new packaging designs, conduct functionality testing, or perform production line testing, our expertise and capabilities can meet your prototyping needs.

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Formero SLA Printing

Benefits of SLA Resin Printing for Prototyping Packaging Designs

  • Exceptional Detail and Accuracy: Our SLA resin printing process delivers packaging prototypes with outstanding precision, capturing intricate details and ensuring accurate representation of your design
  • Enhanced Visual Evaluation: The water-clear prototype models produced through SLA resin printing provide a realistic and visually appealing representation of your packaging design, allowing for thorough visual evaluation and validation
  • Speedy Iterations: With rapid prototyping capabilities, SLA resin printing enables quick iterations and modifications, helping you refine and optimise your packaging designs efficiently.

Benefits of CNC Machining for Custom Packaging Components

  • Material Versatility: Our CNC machining services offer a wide range of material options, including plastics, acrylics, metals, and more. This material versatility ensures that your packaging prototypes closely resemble the intended final product, enabling comprehensive testing and evaluation
  • Functional Prototypes: CNC machining allows for the creation of functional packaging prototypes with tight tolerances, ensuring that the components accurately represent the functionality and performance of the final packaging design
  • Customisation and Complexity: Precise CNC machining can accurately reproduce complex packaging component designs, providing you with customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements

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Partner with Formero for Advanced Prototyping Packaging Solutions

By partnering with Formero for your prototyping packaging needs, you gain access to a range of benefits:

  • Material Variety: We offer a wide range of material options suitable for packaging prototyping, ensuring that your prototypes closely resemble the intended final product
  • Prototyping Flexibility: Our advanced SLA resin printing and CNC machining capabilities allow for the prototyping of various packaging designs, shapes, and sizes
  • Enhanced Functionality: Validate the functionality of your packaging designs through comprehensive testing using our accurate and functional prototypes
  • Expertise and Quality: Our team of experts ensures the highest quality in both SLA resin printing and CNC machining, delivering precision, clarity, and durability in every prototype

Partnering with Formero

Formero has established successful partnerships with industry leaders such as Orora and Birdstone, collaborating with their clients, including Schweppes, Carman’s, and James Boag’s. Through these collaborations, we have provided advanced prototyping packaging solutions that have met the highest standards of quality and functionality. By choosing Formero, you gain the advantage of our extensive experience and expertise in delivering exceptional packaging prototypes for renowned brands.

Contact us today to discuss your specific packaging prototyping needs, and let our advanced SLA resin printing, CNC machining capabilities, and industry partnerships help bring your innovative designs to life with precision and excellence.

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