Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography SLA 3D Printing

Stereolithography (SLA) is a sophisticated 3D printing method known for its exceptional precision and rapid production capabilities. This advanced technique is ideal for producing intricate components with tight tolerances, making it an excellent choice for demanding sectors including aerospace, automotive, robotics, consumer goods, and for creating high-quality visual prototypes. Its high-end efficiency, superior surface finish, and versatility make SLA an ideal technology for both rapid prototyping and final product manufacturing.

At Formero, we leverage state-of-the-art industrial SLA 3D printing equipment to deliver unparalleled results. Our machines feature industry leading build size volumes, including our Pro X 800 with a build platform of 650x750x550mm.

Four 3D printed fan blades sitting on honeycomb print bed

Formero’s SLA 3D Printing Service

Using a process known as vat photopolymerisation, layers are cured with a UV laser, solidifying each layer sequentially. This method stands apart from typical desktop SLA machines as our parts are built submerged in the resin, significantly reducing peeling forces. As a result, our components exhibit superior mechanical properties, exceptional surface quality, and heightened accuracy when compared to traditional inverted stereolithography techniques.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable 3D printing service to create detailed prototypes or to manufacture end-use parts, Formero’s SLA technology provides the high-quality solution you need.

Why Choose Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing?

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing is a go-to choice when you need precision and smooth finishes in your parts. This high-resolution 3D printing method excels in printing complex geometries quickly and cost-effectively. Its capability to create finely detailed components makes it the ideal solution for industries where exacting standards are crucial.

At Formero, our SLA 3D Printing service goes beyond just precision and speed. A key advantage of SLA lies in its material versatility. Our advanced SLA systems can utilise a broad range of specialised resins, each offering unique characteristics to meet diverse application needs. For example, our collection includes rigid resins for structural components, flexible resins for non-structural applications, and a transparent resin for glass like results.

Whether you are creating detailed prototypes, complex geometries, or production-ready parts, Formero’s SLA 3D Printing service offers the high-quality and versatile solutions needed to bring your vision to life.

Man in white coat reaching into 3d printing machine

Materials Available.

Accura® 25

Easy and fast-to-process plastic to simulate the properties and aesthetics of polypropylene with high flexibility, durability and accuracy.

3D Systems Accura 25 for SLA is a versatile material producing prototypes, master patterns and short runs of end-use parts with the look and feel of polypropylene, replacing CNC machined or injection moulded parts, faster and for a fraction of the cost. Its low viscosity formulation enables fast build speeds and quick and easy part cleaning.

With an excellent combination of mechanical properties and aesthetics, Accura 25 material delivers reliable robust parts with outstanding flexibility, excellent shape memory, remarkable feature definition and accuracy.

Not suitable for production or structural applications.


  • Functional assemblies and prototypes
    • Automotive styling parts
    • Consumer goods and electronic components
    • Snap fit assemblies
    • Product design
  • Master patterns for RTV/silicone moulding
  • Concept and marketing models


  • Excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability
  • Reliable and robust functional prototypes
  • Suitable for master patterns


  • High flexibility with excellent shape retention
  • Outstanding feature resolution and accuracy
White, round plate with centre hole and six keyholes
White 3D Printed parts being tipped on their side to drain resin

Technical Specs

Tensile Strength: 38 MPa
Elongation at Break: 16%
Flexural Strength: 57 MPa
Impact Strength: 22 J/m
Colour: White
Build Size: 380x380x250 mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm

For more technical data download the material data sheet.

Download: Accura® 25 Datasheet

Accura® ClearVue

Easy-to-process plastic with best-in-class clarity, high durability and water resistance for a multitude of applications.

Utilised in a variety of demanding applications, 3D Systems Accura ClearVue™ for SLA is the clearest and colourless 3D printing material on the market. Formulated for ease-of-processing, exceptional detail and smooth surface finish, strength, durability and moisture resistance, it simulates the properties and appearance of Polycarbonate and ABS.

This unique combination of clarity, material properties and processing speed makes Accura ClearVue™ a high-performing and cost-effective choice for aesthetic and functional prototypes used to improve product development efficiency of consumer goods, automotive, aerospace and medical components.

Not suitable for production or structural applications.


  • Models and prototypes requiring high clarity
    • Lighting and lenses
    • Fluid flow visualization models
    • Transparent assemblies
    • Packaging/bottles
  • General purpose prototyping
  • Medical models and devices (USP Class VI capable)
  • Master patterns for RTV moulding
  • QuickCast™ patterns for investment casting


  • Best-in-class optical clarity
  • Part stability and water tightness
  • Transparent parts


  • Highest clarity and transparency
  • USP class VI capable
  • Excellent humidity/moisture resistance
  • Durable and strong
Clear plastic container holding brown biscuits
Three clear bottles filled with different coloured drink
Close up of the top of a green beer bottle
Six pack of James Boags Beer bottles
Close up of logo on green bottle
Clear parts for bike light

Technical Specs

Tensile Strength: 52 MPa
Elongation at Break: 6%
Flexural Strength: 83 MPa
Impact Strength: 46 J/m
Colour: Clear
Build Size: 650x750x550 mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm

For more technical data download the material data sheet.

Download: Accura® ClearVue™ Datasheet

Accura® Xtreme™

Ultra-tough grey plastic with outstanding durability, accuracy and aesthetics to replace CNC-machined polypropylene and ABS articles.

Fast and easy to process, the Accura Xtreme material offers physical properties that are close enough to durable end-use plastics like ABS and Polypropylene to make it ideal for functioning prototypes in demanding applications, as well as for short-run production projects.

Accura Xtreme is a grey plastic with the appearance of a final production part with outstanding durability, impact resistance, accuracy and a thermal resistance over 60°C.

Not suitable for production or structural applications.


  • Form, fit and function prototypes
  • Durable and challenging assemblies
    • Snap fit assemblies
    • Tough enclosures
    • Consumer electronic components
  • General purpose prototyping
  • Master patterns for RTV/silicone moulding


  • Robust parts resisting breakage
  • Handles challenging functional assemblies
  • Aesthetics of moulded parts


  • Outstanding durability and impact resistance
  • Look and feel of a durable moulded plastic
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Good moisture and thermal resistance
Grey 3D Printed Fan Blade
Four 3D printed fan blades sitting on honeycomb print bed
Architectural model of house in grey
Hands seen sanding grey 3d printed fan blade

Technical Specs

Tensile Strength: 41 MPa
Elongation at Break: 18%
Flexural Strength: 62 MPa
Impact Strength: 44 J/m
Colour: Grey
Build Size: 650x750x550 mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm

For more technical data download the material data sheet.

Download: Accura® Xtreme™ Datasheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stereolithography finds extensive usage in rapid prototyping due to its swift and precise nature, as well as its diverse range of available materials. However, when considering functional applications and the subsequent post-processing demands associated with SLA, alternatives like SLS or MJF tend to be better suited for production-oriented purposes.

Stereolithography presents rapid prototyping capabilities accompanied by exceptional precision and intricate detailing. This technology enables designers to swiftly conceptualise and assess their ideas, ultimately leading to reduced lead times and seamless design iterations.

Stereolithography can attain notable accuracy, frequently reaching precision levels of around 0.1 mm. It’s important to note that accuracy can be impacted by variables like part geometry and the potential shrinkage of the resin used.

Stereolithography serves a broad spectrum of industries, encompassing automotive, consumer goods, electronic components, master patterns for silicone moulding, concept and marketing models, transparent assemblies, packaging, medical devices, and beyond. Its versatility makes it well-suited for producing concept models, functional prototypes, and intricately detailed components.

The choice of material holds significant importance, as diverse resins provide distinct characteristics like strength, flexibility, visual aesthetics, and heat resistance. Formero is equipped to guide you in selecting a material that harmonises with the intended purpose and operating conditions of your part.

The duration of stereolithography projects varies based on considerations such as the chosen material, quantity required, post-processing demands, and ongoing workload. Typically, straightforward parts can be manufactured within around two days. However, more intricate assemblies necessitating various post-processing treatments might extend the timeframe to several days.

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