Formero Goes Green

June 14, 2022

Formero, Australia’s largest 3D Printing facility specialising in a range of 3D scanning, prototyping and advanced manufacturing services, has recently installed a solar energy system at its Head Office in Nunawading, Victoria.

The 68kW solar system featured twin 27kW Fronius Eco Inverters and 170x REC Lead-Free Solar Panels.

“It’s great to work with a customer who appreciates quality and wants to help offset their consumption with renewable solar power. Formero will save significantly on their power bills and can take pride in knowing that they are reducing their environmental footprint” – Alex Smith, Solar Flow.

The installed Fronius Inverters come with a long record of performance and reliability as well as being Australian-designed and made. The Installed REC Solar Panels feature the latest Alpha Pure to boost efficiency to 21.9%. To improve sustainability and lower the environmental impact, REC has eliminated lead from all components of their panels.

“Having a solar system of this size installed at our property was a no-brainer. As an Additive Manufacturer, we are at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, and having an advanced system like this installed goes to show that we continue to lead the way in our respective market“ – James Sanders, Formero General Manager

System Specifications:

Installer: Solar Flow
No. of panels: 170x REC Lead-Free Panels
System size: 68kW
Inverter: 2x Fronius Eco 27kW Solar Inverters
Predicted carbon avoided: 31,345kg of avoided coal burnt p.a.
Trees planted over system lifetime: 1,660 trees planted p.a.
Estimated annual power generation: 91,844kWh p.a.


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