Formero Sponsors Monash University Motorsport Program

August 23, 2022

Formero’s (Formerly GoProto ANZ) services have been instrumental in the development and manufacturing of multiple components for use on Monash Motorsport M22, an all-wheel drive, autonomous capable electric vehicle. Formero’s 3D printing services have given Monash Motorsport significant advantages in the manufacturing of various parts on their car, including the high voltage battery pack and motor cooling jackets.

Formero’s vast array of material options gave Monash Motorsport the choice of Duraform FR1200, a fire retardant, nylon material printed with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This is a layer-by-layer additive 3D printing process using powdered nylon, which can create objects without the need for support structures while printing. This material is sintered in slices by a high-powered laser to form functional end-use parts.

Monash Motorsport’s (MMS) HV battery pack utilises Formero’s high-quality printing for components such as their cell tab clamping insulation and the segment covers. The tight tolerances achievable by Formero allow MMS to print crucial parts for their lithium cell clamping structure inside the battery pack, preventing cell tabs from damage as well as shorting. This insulation also serves as a captive housing for the nuts used to fasten and secure the clamping structure, increasing the serviceability of the segments, as well as hugely reducing the risk of potential hazards during assembly. The services provided by Formero allow MMS to greatly simplify the clamping structure, reducing both part count, mass and packaging space within the segment assembly. MMS’s segment covers are also manufactured by Formero, designed to insulate and protect the battery from potential shorts during maintenance. These covers also play an important role in the serviceability and safety of the battery pack.

Along with their electrical components, another part that required Formero’s expertise was the cooling jackets. These were designed by Huon Howard, a Dynamics Engineer in Monash Motorsport responsible for the design, manufacturing and testing of the cooling system:

“One of the parts that make up the cooling system of M22 is the cooling jackets. There are four on the car, each responsible for maintaining safe operating temperatures inside each motor. This is done by pumping water through the jacket which cools the aluminium housing of the hub motor.

The cooling jacket is an interesting part as it effectively utilises and showcases the benefits of additive manufacturing. Formero has been an integral part of this process and has delivered a fantastic part with a number of impressive features. Their prompt and co-operative team allowed us to quickly prototype and test, and were effective at problem solving any issues we came across with material and coating selection.

The part is ultra-light, yet strong and stiff, ensuring that it will withstand track and workshop conditions. Formero also applied a 2 Pack coating in post-processing, ensuring the nylon jackets are watertight, as well as dyeing them to fit with the rest of the car.

The technicians at Formero ensured the part was crisp and clean, imperative for a part that incorporates internal geometries for flow so as to minimise pressure loss in the coolant across the part.

On top of this, we incorporated a number of sealing and locating features, including bolt holes, o-ring grooves and a tongue and groove geometry. Formero yet again delivered on these features, ensuring the tolerances were hit to allow the part to integrate with the rest of the assembly as well as effectively seal the coolant, even under high pressure.”

We look forward to continuing our partnership with MMS into the future.


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