Rheinmetall invests in 3D Printing

May 25, 2017

Rheinmetall invests in 3D Printing with Formero ANZ on Team Lynx

Formero provides fast, local manufacturing solutions to deliver innovation.
Melbourne, Australia, May 20, 2021 – Formero (formerly GoProto ANZ) an Australian 3D printing and manufacturing service bureau, today announced the successful delivery of locally printed 3D products to Rheinmetall Defence Australia (RDA) as part of its Land 400 Phase 3 offer to the Commonwealth of Australia.

Formero is the first Melbourne-based 3D printing provider to work with RDA and provide critical products for its LYNX KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

On the back of the Land 400 Phase 3 roadshow for the Commonwealth’s acquisition of up to 450 IFVs, Formero successfully engaged with RDA’s Team Lynx using a range of digital technologies to inspire design prototypes for innovative solutions.

Formero 3D printed a range of functional PA12 components with Multi-Jet Fusion technology with properties to rival injection moulding. Delivered components included handles and communications panels (as shown in the images below).

RDA will embark on an extensive user testing analysis to select the best solution among 3 rugged yet lightweight communications panels for soldiers’ rapid dismounting within vehicles.

Technological evolution and innovation in land combat and protected vehicle capability is integral to Australia’s warfighting edge. The design changes proposed in the 3D printed components aim to improve the soldier’s capability in integration, networking and communications.

Three LYNX vehicles are currently competing in Risk Mitigation Activity trials conducted in Australia. This extensive testing regime, considered world leading, is putting the vehicles through a range of trials including lethality, mobility and blast tests.

If successful, the LYNX fleet will be manufactured in Queensland at Rheinmetall’s new Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Redbank south west of Brisbane. The signing of the Hungarian Armed Forces as the first LYNX customer also means Australian SMEs will see future potential export opportunities for Australia.

Simon Marriott, Managing Director of Formero said:
“Formero’s 3D printing technology allowed quick, clear and efficient communication around the design of the vehicle connectivity package involving teams juggling work from home lockdowns in different states. As a SME offering local additive manufacturing services, we are able to respond quickly to design challenges and put different prototypes with full production functionality into the hands of the Rheinmetall team. We look forward to more opportunities to incorporate 3D printing as an Australian industry capability with Rheinmetall and a sovereign advantage for the Australian Defence Force.”

About Formero Pty Ltd
Formero is an Australian owned advanced manufacturer, providing 3D Scanning, Tooling, 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing services. Utilising high-end 3D printers to manufacture complex, light-weight products for Transportation, Aerospace and Defence industries, Formero specialises in quick-turn, on-demand, custom manufacturing solutions including CNC machining, metal stamping, vacuum casting, injection moulding, and finishing. Formero’s facilities are based in Melbourne, Australia. Formero provides customers with a suite of cutting-edge technologies and expertise to deliver world-class quality plastic and metal production parts, fast.


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