Toyota Racing Car SLS Prototypes


Aussie Racing Cars were only a week away from the deadline of completing their new scaled-down Toyota Aurion racing car when they contacted Formero (formerly GoProto ANZ) for assistance.

The new car was to be launched live on Channel Ten’s RPM show, and raced for the first time at the Gold Coast Indy street-circuit. With time running short, thinking outside the box was the only way to meet their deadline.


Using SLS 3D Printing technology, the grille and side mirrors were printed in nylon material directly from the 3D CAD, avoiding the time consuming process of tooling and moulding.


In just 3 days the CAD data was transformed into parts with impeccable detail.
Aussie Racing Cars were able to paint the parts and finish assembling the car just in time for the long anticipated public launch.

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