Monash Motorsport M23 Partnership

October 30, 2023
Small University Race Car with LED lighting

Video created by: Monash Motorsport Students

Monash Motorsport is Monash University’s premiere Formula Student team and specialises in engineering high-performance all-electric race cars to compete in Formula Student competitions in Australia and abroad.

Formero has played a crucial role as a 3D printing sponsor in the development and production of multiple components used in the Monash Motorsport M23, an electric vehicle capable of all-wheel drive and autonomous operation. The utilisation of Formero’s 3D printing services has provided significant benefits to Monash Motorsport. Their ability to print with specialised materials, their approach to collaboration and their focus on helping Monash Motorsport select the best production methods played a crucial part in our ability to successfully manufacture M23. Formero offers a wide range of materials, allowing Monash Motorsport to opt for Duraform FR1200, a fire-resistant nylon material that is printed using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique. The car requires FR1200 due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and stress which it will experience within the applications of motorsport.

Fire Retardant materials form an integral part of the accumulator of M23. A segmented series of Lithium Polymer cells that are used to power the M23. Formero’s precise printing abilities using Fire Retardant materials allow MMS to create essential parts for their battery pack’s lithium cell clamping structure. These parts protect the cell tabs from damage and short circuits.

Besides the electrical components, Formero’s expertise was also crucial in developing the Cooling Jackets and Motor Shrouds. Their Engineers are extremely approachable and provide an end-to-end solution for parts manufacturing. Helping the team from design validation all the way to material selection and production.

Monash Motorsport Accumulator Structure Engineer, Emmy Drew, commented on the advancements the team has made compared to the M22:

“This year we have decided to press fit our lock nuts into the Captive Nut Tray prints, as opposed to gluing. Additionally, the segment volume has decreased and so our prints have had to become a lot more precise for all the components to fit.

Formero has been vital in helping us achieve our design requirements. They’ve provided invaluable advice and been incredibly accommodating of our specific needs and changes. A big thank you to the Formero team for helping us perfect our design.”

Formero has been working with Motorsport for over 10 years, originally partnering with Monash Motorsport shortly after its inception. Their reliability as a 3D Printing service provider is an integral part of our ability to perform at competition.

Captive Nut Tray 3D Printed Part black part with hand holding


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