We are a Member Organisation of the Monash Precinct Network

March 17, 2023
Innovation Network Launches in the Monash Precinct

Formero is excited to announce that we are a Member Organisation of the Monash Precinct Network which was launched on 16th March 2023. Please read the below media release from the Monash Precinct Network below.


Globally Connected Innovation Network Launches in the Monash Precinct

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Mr Matt Fregon, Member for Ashwood, today (16 March 2023) launched the Monash Precinct Network.

The Network sees some of the most innovative globally-connected Australian business, science, and education organisations joining forces with the government to spark further innovation, support and foster talent, and share ideas to boost competitiveness, lift performance and create jobs.

Monash Precinct Network Executive Officer Janine Shearer said: “The Monash Precinct Network will help individuals, industry and research organisations make the professional, organisational and creative connections they need to continually evolve, expand and innovate,”.

Supported by the Victorian Government and Monash City Council, along with ANSTO (the Australian Synchrotron), CSIRO, Monash University, Eastern Innovation and the Suburban Rail Loop, the Monash Precinct Network (MPN) is designed to foster collaboration, build capacity and accelerate growth, Ms Shearer said.

“Monash Precinct Network is open to all innovation-focused organisations with a presence in the Monash region,” Ms Shearer said. “The network will be a hothouse for sharing ideas that will facilitate new innovations that would otherwise not happen.”

Andrew Peele, Group Executive Nuclear Science and Technology, ANSTO said: “The Monash Precinct Network is a unique precinct in that it is anchored in science and technology.  The MPN looks to leverage world class capabilities, researchers, and talent to support industry locally and internationally.  ANSTO is excited to bring our significant infrastructure and expertise spanning many industry sectors to support the innovation ecosystem, grow local capabilities and broaden our existing international collaborations.”

Cr Tina Samardzija, Mayor of the City of Monash said: “As the largest employment and innovation cluster outside the Melbourne CBD, Monash is experiencing significant investment and growth in the technology and knowledge industries,” Cr Samardzija said. “We anticipate the network will further accelerate new innovations and Monash Council is proud to have supported the Monash Precinct Network since its inception, and welcomes its future growth and benefit to members.”

Visit: https://www.monashprecinct.com.au/

Media enquiries: Janine Shearer | janine@monashprecinct.com.au

About the Monash Precinct:

The Monash Precinct is a nationally recognised Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC). It is the largest hub for employment and innovation in Victoria, outside Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Precinct key statistics*:

  • It is worth $9.4B annually to the Victorian Economy
  • 94,000 people are employed in the Monash Precinct
  • 40% of Victoria’s high value manufacturing is located in the Precinct.

The Monash Precinct Network launch will be held at ANSTO’s The Australian Synchrotron.

ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron is a national research facility located within the Monash Precinct providing access to world-class scientists, industry and government agencies.

Its network of 12 powerful beamlines of X-ray and infrared light, at a million times brighter than the sun, allow researchers and scientists to look at the molecular and atomic detail of a subject, in a non-invasive or damaging way.  These capabilities can be applied to important scientific fields, such as studying virus structures, improving cancer detection and treatments, health and medical, food, cultural heritage, agriculture, and developing energy materials.

The Australian Synchrotron hosts approximately 6,000 researcher visits each year and is continuing to undergo significant expansion of its beamlines under the $100 million BRIGHT Program.  The program is supported by the joint funding from 32 contributors, including leading Australian universities, medical research institutes, the New Zealand Synchrotron Group (via the New Zealand Government, universities, and crown research institutes), and the Australian Government.

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