3D Printed Snowboard Bindings

December 16, 2020

The innovative snowboard brand NOW has joined forces with ADDIT·ION (a company that has sought to demonstrate their zeal in pursuing excellence in product design) to create the first ever 3D-printed snowboard binding.


To create a responsive binding optimised for “snowboard carving”, the goal was to deliver maximum stiffness with the lowest possible weight. To make that happen, Addit-ion utilised Autodesk generative design algorithms and HP 3D printing technology to generate the ultimate design capable of withstanding the mechanical stresses and harsh environment of snowboarding.


Using MJF PA12 powder-based materials, this gave the company the design freedom without any manufacturing constraints. The result, the bindings are 25% lighter than current snowboard bindings.

3D printing also opens the door to redesigning other parts of the binding, and most importantly opens the possibility of complete customisation.

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