3D Printed Zoetrope in Colour

February 24, 2021

ACMI’s new centre piece exhibition, on display in Fed Square Melbourne, is the 3D printed “Cuphead” zoetrope.

Designed by Megafun using the charming and cheeky animated characters of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead videogame, this zoetrope utilises HP’s colour 3D printing to demonstrate the wonders of early moving image devices.

Invented in the 1830s, the zoetrope recreates the magic of movement. It’s an early example of practical animation techniques and a crucial step that led us to modern moviemaking.

A more modern version of the classic zoetrope is the 3D zoetrope, which replaces the sequential images with 3D models and the cylinder with a flashing strobe light.

The project consisting of 270 full colour 3D printed models and standing over 1 meter tall, contains keyhole features within the CAD to allow for precise placement of each model at the assembly stage.

For Formero, the use of HP’s voxel-level colour 3D printing, allowed us to recreate the charming and cheeky animated characters of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead videogame, and removed the need for painting each individual model. Using the same engineering grade nylon material we also printed brackets to hold the 4 tiers securely together.

The “Cuphead” 3D printed zoetrope is a sight to behold. To find out more visit Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

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