The Role of Sinter Boxes in 3D Printing

September 25, 2023
3D Printed Sinter Boxes

A lot of customers may not have heard of the term ‘sinter box’, even though there is a chance their parts may have been printed inside one of these boxes at one point or another. As part of our advanced additive manufacturing processes, sinter boxes are an essential tool in our arsenal. The versatile utility of sinter boxes extends beyond distinguishing similar parts. We also harness their effectiveness in safeguarding small components that might otherwise be at risk of getting lost during the excavation process, a great example of this is our ongoing project with Maton Guitars. Since 2020, Formero has been printing a range of custom guitar parts for Maton Guitars, including their small and detailed bridge pins. 

Imagine receiving two part files so strikingly similar that distinguishing between them seems nearly impossible and small enough that embossing a reference code is not practical. To maintain the integrity of each part throughout the printing and post-processing phases, we turn to a solution that has proven to be invaluable – sinter boxes.

Sinter boxes, also known as sinter-shells, have long been used in our powder-based 3D Printing processes. These cage-like structures are 3D printed around the individual components, providing a protective barrier that not only keeps the parts separate but also safeguards them during printing and post-processing.

Sinter boxes are designed to facilitate the vacuuming of excess powder, streamlining the post-processing steps. Furthermore, the design ensures that the sinter box can be easily broken apart to retrieve the parts when they are ready for use.

At Formero, we utilise powder-based 3D printing technologies like Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) to enhance our manufacturing processes. These advanced 3D printing methods enable us to seamlessly incorporate sinter boxes into our production workflow, ensuring both precision and separation.

Formero is committed to providing the highest level of additive manufacturing, and sinter boxes have become an indispensable tool. These cage-like structures not only keep similar parts distinct but also enhance the efficiency of the entire 3D printing process.


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