Man with Glasses

Jack Martinich


Jack is an accomplished Industrial Designer with extensive experience in both additive and conventional manufacturing. Based in Melbourne, he has lent his expertise to a wide array of design and manufacturing projects spanning public transport, consumer products, CNC, sheet metal fabrication, and additive manufacturing.

With a keen focus on additive manufacturing, Jack has played a pivotal role in the design and optimisation of polymer processes, as well as the development of Select Laser Melting (SLM) metal printing systems. His hands-on involvement in various manufacturing techniques positions him as a valuable asset in bridging the gap between customer requirements and Formero’s production capabilities.

Jack’s commitment to craftsmanship extends beyond digital design, as he excels in traditional fabrication methods, crafting high-quality product display models and functional prototypes. His versatility enables him to contribute to projects from conception to production, with specialised expertise in advanced additive manufacturing.

Jack’s diverse skill set and holistic approach to design and manufacturing make him an invaluable team member, capable of delivering innovative solutions across the production spectrum.

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